Servers: Intelligent Computing

Boundless computing inspires an intelligent digital world.
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Why Huawei Servers?

Efficient and Reliable

To ensure that we meet customer requirements for servers, Huawei implements stringent quality control across eight processes, including product planning, R&D, supply chain management, and post-sales service. Before delivery, each product has undergone more than 2,000 hardware tests, 10,000 software tests, and 300 entry certifications.

Continuous Innovation

Huawei’s Boundless Computing strategy accelerates innovation at the chip level across computing, storage, and networking technologies, moving enterprise intelligence toward a better-connected, smart world. Huawei has focused its years of R&D development efforts by setting up global OpenLabs to collaborate with top partners.


Huawei successfully cooperates with customers and technology partners, striving to provide open computing infrastructure that supports optimal customer and partner outcomes. With solid reliability, excellent performance, and easy integration, Huawei servers are used by more than 5,000 customers worldwide in more than 25 sectors.

Find the Right Server Solutions

SAP HANA Solutions

Huawei’s SAP HANA Appliance Solution is the perfect way to accelerate mission-critical application development in areas such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and for building data warehouses quickly and efficiently.

High-Performance Computing Solutions

Huawei’s HPC solution is critical to scientific research, government, industry, and national defense. This system is often the main solution for running complex theoretical models and experiments.

Atlas Intelligent Computing Platform

Huawei Atlas intelligent computing platform is powered by Huawei Ascend series AI processors and mainstream heterogeneous computing components.

Select the Best Servers and Software for Your Enterprise

E9000 Converged Architecture Blade Server

The FusionServer E9000 converged-architecture blade server enables convergence of computing, storage, networking, and management. It provides a powerful platform for high-end carrier or enterprise applications, and is ideal for data centers, virtualization, mission-critical services, and high-performance computing.E9000 provides 16 slots in a 12U chassis that includes redundant Power Supply Units (PSUs), heat-dissipation modules, management modules, and switch modules.

The Huawei E9000 server can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack at a depth of 1m minimum.

TaiShan X6000 High-Density Server

The TaiShan X6000 server is a 2U, 4-node high-density server powered by Huawei 64-bit Kunpeng processors and can accommodate up to four 2-socket server nodes. The TaiShan X6000 server provides high performance optimized for density, excellent power efficiency, and flexible scalability and management. With models tailored for computing, storage, footprint, and converged management, the TaiShan X6000 server series is perfect for demanding workloads such as HPC and web applications.

Atlas 800 AI Appliancev

Provides end-to-end capabilities in deploying data labeling, model generation, model training, and model inference services. Available in integrated delivery of software and hardware, it reduces the entry technical requirements of AI applications and enables quick development and rollout.v

ES3000 V5 SAS SSD Disk

Accelerator components accelerate data read/write and network access, support network protocol offload, and implement intelligent acceleration with service and application awareness.

eSight Server

The Huawei eSight Server management suite is a brand-new O&M solution oriented to all series of Huawei servers. It implements refined management for the entire server lifecycle from server power-on to out-of-service. eSight Server enables visualized, automatic management from the fast, intelligent delivery phase to routine O&M, which helps enterprise users to simplify server O&M, improve O&M efficiency, and reduce O&M costs.