About Huawei

Huawei does not need any introduction. One of the world’s giants when it comes to information and communications technology solution provider, Huawei has coined an unparalleled reputation for itself in the international market. With a killer portfolio and having a spider web of unified communications & collaboration, data center, network energy services, enterprise networking and IT infrastructure service – Huawei has outdone its competitors and peers.

Huawei & Horn Tech

Horn Tech could not be proud of being one of the most respected and trusted channel partners of Huawei. We are an authorized partner of Huawei and is privileged to share resources and knowledge from the company. Our team makes regular visits to the research and development headquarters of Huawei to gain insights and detailed information about the technologies Huawei is working on.

By using the Huawei portfolio, we are able to deliver IT solutions to our clients that are excellent and exceptional.

Unprecedented Huawei Technology


  • 抠出来的Server
    • Offers wide range of high-performing servers
    • Efficient and energy-saving power management
    • Lower costs, greater flexibility


  • 抠出来的storage
    • Povides storage to everyone: from entry-level to high-end enterprise and big data
    • Maximum versatility
    • Performance enhancement


  • 抠出来的Switch
    • Web of networking products such as: WLANs, network management, network security, Ethernet switches
    • Integrated infrastructure network platforms

Huawei POL

POL is a Passive Optical LAN has revolutionized the way telecommunication networks interact with each other. It has effectively replaced LAN and serves as an optimal solution for enterprise application across different sectors and industries. It is a PON (Passive Optical Network) for applications.

When businesses use Huawei POL architecture, both the design and deployment of the LANs can be enhanced significantly.

Some of the reasons why you should use Huawei POL are:

  • Higher bandwidth – you can downstreaming speed of 2.5 Gbits/s and 1.25 Gbit/s upstream speed
  • Longer transmission reach – you can reach up to 20km
  • More flexibility – with Huawei POL, there is more flexibility with design and deployment
  • Simplified network – you get lowered CAPEX and OPEX

Ideal for buildings that have more than are multi-story, Huawei POL will improve the telecommunication networks and replace the old school Ethernet switches and cables.