GPON Solutions

One fiber network carries all service systems for the campus. This simple network provides intelligent operations and management for a digital campus. Huawei’s solution allows enterprises to build future-proof networks and enables digital transformation.
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Simple Network, Smart Campus

Focusing on scenarios including enterprises, schools, power companies, airports, hotels, and hospital campuses, Huawei’s GPON solution supports the advantages of multiple-service and long-distance transmission to reconstruct LANs for these campuses. This solution supports Fiber-To-The-Desktop (FTTD) to meet the high bandwidth and low latency demands of cloud services. In addition, network structures and O&M are simplified and future outlook is supported, effectively protecting enterprise investments.

GPON Solution for Hotels

Providing ubiquitous high-speed network access and smooth video streaming are key services that improve competitiveness of hotels. If mid and high-end hotels build multiple intelligent systems independently, their management and maintenance costs will increase sharply. Huawei’s GPON solution for hotels supports fiber to the room, meets guests’ high network demands, creates differentiated competitiveness, and increases occupancy rates.

Simplified Network

With fewer equipment rooms, simplified cabling, and active-to-passive replacement options, network manageability increases.

One Room, One Fiber

One fiber per room provides support for all-service access with one terminal.

Intelligent O&M

Automatic provisioning of all services: Broadband, voice, and video.

GPON Solution for Schools

Campus networks are advancing towards intelligence, additional popularity, and increased sharing, while teaching is progressing from passive to interactive. Huawei’s GPON solution for schools provides fiber LANs for all educational settings. It is passive, reliable, and eco-friendly, reducing the size and mandatory resources of equipment rooms. Moreover, its fiber link protection provides assurance for teaching activities.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Saving

With fewer equipment rooms, simplified cabling, and active-to-passive replacement options, networks are more eco-friendly and conserve energy.

Safety Authentication

The network is protected with IEEE 802.1X authentication and Denial of Service (DoS) protection.

Centralized Management

Networks are easier to manage with layer 2 service isolation and controllable horizontal switching.

GPON Solution for Video Surveillance

The increase in worldwide safe cities is boosting the development of video surveillance. The large number of HD cameras and requirement for intelligent analysis platforms are posing higher bandwidth demands on the carrier networks. Huawei’s GPON solution for video surveillance extends fibers closer to cameras and provides stable and reliable carrier networks. It supports comprehensive video surveillance in public places, campuses, and transport settings.

Flexible Deployment

Deployment is flexible with long distance coverage and PoE power supply features.

High Security and Reliability

Electromagnetic interference protection increases reliability and dual homing improves security.

Simplified O&M

Plug-and-play devices and zero on-site commissioning.

GPON Solution for Airports

Airports are large campuses with decentralized user access points distant from one another. Services like HD video surveillance create higher bandwidth and reliability demands on campus networks. Huawei’s GPON solution for airports can provide reliable fiber networks and support service access for offices, Flight Information Display Systems (FIDSs), and commercial buildings, accelerating airport digital transformation.

Long-Distance Coverage

Distance coverage is extended to a maximum of 40 kilometers.

High Security and Reliability

Security and reliability are assured with electromagnetic interference protection, IEEE 802.1X authentication, and dual-homing protection.

Investment Protection

Smooth network evolution and bandwidth upgrades without re-cabling protect airports investments.