We’re living in an era of smart technology that allows us to perform and control operations at the tip of our fingers using IoT (Internet-of-things.) Huawei has brought innovative solutions to transform the way we live by incorporating impressive technologies in schools, hotels, offices and many other areas.  One of the notable technologies known to be revolutionary is the WLAN network.

WLAN enables communication by connecting different networks in a limited geographical area let say an office building, school or any infrastructure through wireless means. Hence the name wireless local area network. You can easily install a WLAN that will reduce labor cost as well as eliminate expenses of cabling once and for all. Huawei offers a range of high-speed, secure and effective WLAN products such as access point devices and controllers that are compatible with current LAN protocols.

High-Speed Wi-Fi

The WLAN includes the use of Wi-Fi that allows communication between devices through the transmission of wireless signals.  The Wi-Fi supports three-radio technology and incorporates a built-in antenna that provides a vast network coverage across the area. The Wi-Fi routers are compatible with Wi-Fi 5 and 6. Also, you don’t have to worry about signal interference which is the cause of disruption of the network. The Wi-Fi technology can easily accommodate traffic and provides uncompromised experience for the users.

Related Products:

AP7060DN Access point

Huawei launches AP7060DN Wireless Access point device that’s equipped with built-in smart antenna technology and has a speed up to 6 Gigabits that enables fast wireless experience. Not just that, but it can be used in conjunction with IoT devices.

Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution

Computerized systems in organizations require active and fast communication among various departments in the same or different building. If communication is hampered, the whole organization is affected. Therefore, to allow network communication between the crowded departments, Huawei has put forward the Agile Distributed Wi-Fi solution to solve the problem.

IOT and Wi-Fi Convergence

There are supermarkets, malls, and stores that make use of IOT to display prices of products in every aisle. However, they aren’t used in conjunction with Wi-Fi which in turn increases the cost for additional networks when both of them can work in combination. In order to solve the problem, Huawei has designed a solution that will allow a single network to cater both IOT and Wi-Fi, reducing the overall costs of hardware.

The eSight Full WLAN Management

After incorporating WLAN, it’s essential to maintain and upgrade in case if the system needs any changes. These are major challenges handled by none other Huawei. The company presents the eSight Full WLAN Management that handles the job.

All in all, WLAN technology is indeed a one-stop solution to network problems of many businesses and has benefited the society to the maximum potential.

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